Event organization for Capital of opportunities

June, July 2018
20th Anniversary Celebration
During the anniversary celebration of MHP 3 cities have become the capital of opportunities. Possibilities of development, growth and prosperity. Together we create series of inspirational, unifying and high profile events, which can be a source of inspiration for many people.

Target: To thank partners, clients, colleagues and citizens for cooperation and trust, for joint development. We have been making important things together for 20 years.

Product: Outdoor and media ads. Light and special effects. Decoration, constructions, location branding. 3 different scenes, more than 90 m2 of screens, entertaining program.

Date: June, July 2018
Place: Myronivka, Kaniv, Ladyzhyn, Ukraine
Guests: 20 000+
Category: Public & special events (Festivals)